A Simple Change That Will Generate More Leads And Customers With Facebook

October 25th, 2012

Facebook Like ImageIf you have been using a Facebook Fan Page as a marketing tool, here’s a simple strategy we’ve discovered that will practically guarantee you more leads. But first, a quick marketing lesson…

Marketing messages to a NEW prospect must be different than the marketing messages to an existing customer or “Fan.” That’s because a new prospect has no idea who you are, what you do or why they should engage with you on any level, especially honoring you with their business. For example, if you were at a tradeshow booth representing your company, you would naturally speak differently to a new prospect than someone who’s done business with you before, right? Therefore, when a NEW prospect hits your Facebook page, you don’t want them to see every post you’ve made in the past and hope that they “Like” your page. Instead, the smart thing to do is to set up a custom “Welcome” page that appears to all new “non-fans.”

This custom Welcome Page should convey what you’re about and make an offer to new prospects to engage with them, capture their information and get them communicating to you. This welcome page can even contain a video of you introducing yourself, your business and explaining an offer you have for new Fans. When done right, this simple addition to your Facebook page will dramatically increase the number of leads, customers and engagement from your Facebook traffic. Here’s how you set it up:

Step 1—Create your landing page on a Facebook tab.

Facebook tabs aren’t the easiest to create. Unless you’re a talented web developer, I’ve found that it’s easier to use a tool such as FanPage Engine 3.0 to create your tabs in Facebook (you can find this at www.fanpageengine.com). By using custom tools, you can very easily incorporate lead generation forms, videos and formatting all in one. A new tab can be created and published to your Facebook page in less than 10 minutes with this tool.

Step 2—Set your Facebook “Default Tab” for new visitors to your new, custom landing page. Facebook’s definition of a “new” visitor is someone who hasn’t “Liked” your page yet.

To setup your Default Tab, go to your Facebook company page and select “Edit Page,” then “Manage Permissions.”  Next, change your “Default Landing Tab” to your new Welcome Page. Click on “Save Changes” and you’re done! Remember, this page will only display for people who haven’t “Liked” your company on Facebook; everyone else will go straight to your page’s Wall.