A Google Search Secret You Must Use Prior To Any Sales Call

May 29th, 2012

There are more than 16 billion online information searches conducted via popular search engines each month, with more than 65% of them done using Google (and in the business world, it’s my experience that Google has a 95% search market share). Yet even though Google is very easy to use, most people only access a small portion of what Google has to offer.

It’s imperative that, prior to any sales call, you gather information about your prospect so you can customize your pitch. A standard sales call that gives the same pitch or voice-mail message to everyone just doesn’t cut it (yet it’s surprising how many people still “smile and dial”).

I’m not talking about just visiting someone’s web site. Rather, a good Google search can reveal detailed information that helps you better personalize your pitch and your examples to things that your prospect or client cares about.  If you’re a true sales pro who understands that information is power, here is a Google Search secret that can help you get the inside information on companies, industries, and people.

Search Secret: Google Timeline Search. Type the name of a company in Google.  If the company name is more than one word, put the name between quotation marks (e.g., “acme corporation”). On the Google results page you’ll see a link that says “More Search Tools.” Click on that link.

One of the options is labeled “Timeline.” Click on this and you’ll see a graphic timeline by decade, with certain time periods blocked out. Click on one of the blocked out periods and you’ll see articles featuring your search results from your chosen time period. Imagine prior to a sales call that you conduct this sort of search. You click on the current month and pull up press releases and articles. Even the historical information is valuable, as it will show you how the company has progressed over time, past partnerships, and it even might reveal past or current vendors.

Guest Article Provided By: Sam Richter

The best-selling author of the award winning “Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling”